I can’t promise you a life of sunshine,
I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold,
I cannot promise you  an easy way that
leads away from change or growing old,
But I can promise, all my heart’s devotion. Love You
Happy Promise Day..!

We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could,
I promise you to give you all I have to give
I will do anything for u as long as I live.
Happy Promise Day..!

You know the difference between Promises and Memories…
Promise: We Break Them…
Memories: They Break Us…
Happy Promise Day..!

I want to be the greatest of me,
For this is all I can do,
It is my wish that you promise me this
You be the greatest of you
Happy Promise Day..!

We met it was luck , We talked it was chance,
We became friends it was destiny,
We are still friend it is faith,
We will always be friends its a promise.
Happy Promise Day..!

Speaking without egos, loving without intentions,
Caring without expectations,
I promise you that you will be mine always.
Happy Promise Day..!

I can not promise to solve all  your problems,
I can only promise that I will never let you gace them alone
Happy Promise Day..!

Wada na karo agar tum nibha na sako,
Chaho na usko jise tum pa na sako,
Dost to duniya me bahot hote hai ,
Par ek khas rakho jiske bina tum muskarana sako.
Happy Promise Day..!

Ye waada karte hain Dosti jaroor nibhayenge,
Koshish yahi rahegee ki tujhe na satayenge.
Gar kabhi Jaroorat pade to dil se pukarna,
 mar bih rahe honge to mohlat lekar aayenge.
Happy Promise Day..!

Tum Udas Udas Se Lagte Ho,
Koi Tarkib Batao Manane Ki,
Vaada Hai Tumse Main Jindgi Girvi Rakh Sakti Hu,
Tum Keemat Batao Muskurane Ki.
Happy Promise Day..!

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